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Experts say people have had enough

Feel people have no option but to come out in open against senseless killings

New Delhi: The issue of cow-protection has taken centre stage in India as a number of people, most of them Muslims and Dalits (those belonging to lower castes), have been beaten, intimidated and lynched, for transporting cows or eating beef.

Thousands of people across the country are now coming together with just one message — mob violence has to be stopped.

Analysts believe it is time the government woke up and did something about the menace of ‘gau raksha’ (cow protection).

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“A series of protests called ‘Not In My Name’ are being held across the country because the government has decided to remain a mute spectator to killings in the name of cow protection. A notification by the government in May stated that people buying and selling cattle in markets must submit in writing that it is not meant for slaughter. This created further confusion and a spurt in violence against Muslims and Dalits involved in cattle transportation or slaughter business. Yet the government kept silent and did precious little to clear the confusion,” Delhi-based political analyst Rajiv Malik told Gulf News.

Experts feel people have no option but to come out in the open against such senseless killings.

“Gau-rakshaks (cow vigilantes) have become so brazen that earlier this month they assaulted a team of animal husbandry officials from Tamil Nadu who were transporting cattle in Barmer in Rajasthan. I am against mob lynchings, no matter where they take place. Such incidents bring bad name to the country. They destroy the secular fabric of our nation,” political analyst Mandeep Ahluwalia told Gulf News.

“There were incidents of violence earlier too, but not like this. Today Muslims and Dalits are getting targeted like never before. If the government fails to stop this, obviously people will take it upon themselves to do something about it. The least they can do is to protest peacefully,” adds Malik.