EXPO 2017 Caravan Arrives in Paris

EXPO 2017 Caravan Arrives in Paris

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, April 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The mobile pavilion has arrived in France to inform the public about the upcoming International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017 Future Energy that will be held this summer in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana. 

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After presentations in Spain, Italy and Switzerland the mobile pavilion of the Astana EXPO 2017 “Future Energy” exhibition is continuing its large-scale journey across Europe stopping in the French capital. The mobile pavilion will be at the Place du Panthéon from April 5 to 8, and then it will move to London. It will stay in the British capital from April 13 to 16.

The EXPO 2017 roadshow route includes stops in 14 European cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Zurich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Helsinki. The EXPO 2017 pavilion will stay in each city for 3-4 days. The European roadshow, which began in February, will last until the opening of the exhibition in June.

The objective of the large-scale EXPO 2017 tour is to introduce Kazakhstan, Astana and the forthcoming global event to European citizens and tourists. A variety of interactive entertainment awaits visitors to the mobile pavilion: the Alternative Energy Zone, Virtual Reality Zone, Interactive Map of Kazakhstan, cinema, 3D Printer, Children’s Creativity Zone, electric bikes and much more. Tickets for Astana EXPO 2017 will be available to purchase at the mobile pavilion.

Entry to the EXPO 2017 mobile pavilion is free. All the audiovisual materials are provided in French.

About Astana EXPO 2017 

The International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 ‘Future Energy’ will take place between June, 10 and September, 10 2017 in Astana. The exhibition will last 93 days and will become one of the most spectacular cultural venues in 2017. The visitors will be able to attend over 3 thousand themed and entertainment events.

As part of Astana EXPO 2017, global policy documents will be drafted in order to promote an energy-efficient lifestyle and wide use of renewable energy sources.

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