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Expo chiefs promote Pattaya as MICE city

The TCEB says the collaboration also aims to “leverage the product quality and MICE-related services in the east, especially the TMVS for the other dressing up event venue category in regards to serving business growth based on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) scheme”. 

Orachorn Wongpan-Ngam, director of the MICE capabilities department of TCEB, said the TMVS has been developed in line with the standards that relate with regional and national MICE businesses.

“Hence, it is an essential strategy that really helps to promote and leverage the service and quality of MICE venues in Thailand. In the east, Pattaya is known as a populous city with the best amount of TMVS-certified entrepreneurs, which totalled 26 venues offering 25 convention rooms and something exhibition venue,” Orachorn said.

“This could be used as an integral feature to attract international MICE events. Teaming up with advanced technology and impressive services, it has turn into a supporting factor for reaching the efficient holding of MICE events and successful results. 

 “Pattaya City is known as a MICE City with rapid growth. There’s been an increasing amount of MICE-related premises, such as hotels, convention and restaurants centres. It has fallen into place with the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan beneath the scheme of Thailand 4.0 for which the national government has formulated to promote the nation’s sustainable growth over time.

“Hence, the TCEB must hasten the implementation of TMVS together with the enhancement of venues to ensure that MICE premises to adhere to MICE venue standards, basing on quality, which range from the meeting room category, exhibition venue category to other dressing up event venue category.” 

Altogether, TCEB has continued to carry workshops in venue assessment for TMVS for MICE entrepreneurs in Pattaya.

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“For MICE venues which are certified with TMVS successfully, TCEB will check out enhance their members of personnel to attain proficiency in MICE venue management with a venue management course (VMC) where Class 1 has recently completed with a complete of 30 attendees from Pattaya City,” Orachorn said.

“The workshop will run until 2022 in regards to secure qualified MICE personnel that are genuinely experienced in MICE venue management for Pattaya City in a successive and sustainable way.” 

Pattaya mayor Sontaya Kunplome said that the populous city is really a famous tourist destination. 

“This is a modern beach town with diversity and consistent growth of society and economy. Because the economic and tourism centre of the east and Thailand, Pattaya City has natural attractions, places of business, shopping and hotels centres offering potentiality to serve large-scale convention, trade exhibition and show,” Sontaya said. 

“For this good reason, Pattaya has formulated the technique for the development of Pattaya City as MICE City, that is in sync with the next Pattaya City Development Plan that expects to encourage Pattaya to cultivate as a world-class economic city and tourist destination, and also the metropolitan of innovation.”

 Orachorn said that in in 2019, TCEB will continue steadily to pursue our endeavours to improve the potential of Pattaya by collaborating with the Eastern Economic Corridor Development Arrange for the reinforcement of MICE through six key projects.

Orachorn said: “Included in these are: the development of the EEC pertaining to serve Thailand’s new MICE districts; supporting projects with the aim to attract international conference continually, trade exhibition and show in to the districts to react to the Thailand 4.0 vision; the establishment of Asean MICE institution because the centre for assessment of MICE standards, learning of MICE and MICE skill tests; the establishment of the ecosystem that plays a part in the growth of MICE which integrates collaboration with public and private sectors and educational institutions; project with the aim to encourage investment of MICE infrastructure; and finally, project with the aim to encourage participation of communities by highlighting holiday destinations and local products to serve the growth of Thai MICE.”