Fake-holiday suspect has 'track record for fraud'

Fake-holiday suspect has 'track record for fraud'

A woman who allegedly duped thousands of people with a fake Japan tour has a history of deception and fraud, according to police.

An initial probe found Pasist Arinchayalapis, alias “Sin Sae Shogun”, has faced legal action in six prior cases since 2012.

All six cases involved theft and embezzlement charges and were investigated by several police units: Suvarnabhumi police in June, 2012; Nonthaburi police in Jan and Oct, 2014; and Pathumwan police in June the same year.

The other two cases were handled by the Consumer Protection Police Division in June, 2015 and police in Muang district in Nakhon Ratchasima in Sept last year.

Police conducting the current investigation also believe Ms Pasist’s original name was Sahachom Nakrit.

Investigators said she has changed her name about 10 times since 2000, and included Tharuesanan Nakrit, Nawatchakorn Nakrit, Saranpat Kittikachornpat, Pawit Nakrit and Pawit Puripatmekin.

Police believe Ms Pasist changed her name often to establish different companies. According to police, the name, Saranpat was used in 2013 to register a tour company called Crystal Phoenix Smart Tour.

A tour agency has lodged a complaint against Ms Pasist, claiming she contacted them to book air tickets then allegedly told her own clients she had bought the tickets when in fact she had not done so.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page “Yak Dang Diew Jad Hai V.4” yesterday posted Ms Pasist’s supposed business history on its page.

It said Ms Pasist had studied astrology and gradually gained a good reputation by providing fortune telling services free of charge on social sites.

She would make false claims her clients were happy with her fortune telling to gain popularity.

She also allegedly set up a direct sales business requiring subscriber fees.

She allegedly lured victims into this scam by promising they would receive iPhone and low-priced package tours, including the latest one to Japan.

On a social media page run by Ms Pasist, photos of her enjoying a luxury lifestyle were posted along with messages boasting how successful her company was.

A 20-minute recording of Ms Pasist, trying to persuade subscribers to sign up for the Japan tour, was also released.

“You guys have to pay me 9,000 baht each and I will buy air tickets at 20,000 baht each for you. I do not make a loss as I gain from advertising. Your obligation is to attract more subscribers,” she said in the clip.