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Father asks that travel ban be lifted for mother of his son who’s on life support

(CNN) – The daddy of a boy currently on life support in California is asking that the child’s mother be allowed in the U.S.

Two-year-old Abdullah Hassan is suffering from a genetic brain condition.

The child is on a ventilator at a hospital in Oakland currently.

According to the Advocacy Group, CAIR, doctors say he could not withstand life support for a lot longer.

Hassan’s mother has tried to obtain approval to enter the U.S. to see Abdullah, but so no luck far.

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“You may already know my partner was denied a tentative transfer to the U.S. to see our son,” Abdullah’s father Ali said. “My son Abdullah is 24 months old. We celebrate his birthday two days ago just. Here today for the help and support bring my children together for the main one last time therefore i am.”

CAIR says Adbdulla’s mother is not allowed to happen to be the U.S. due to President Trump’s travel ban.

She is really a Yemeni national surviving in Egypt apparently. Beneath the ban, nationals of Yemen and six other countries are restricted from entering the national country.

According to the constant state department, exceptions could be made whenever a Visa’s “issuance is in the national interest, the applicant poses no national public or security safety threat to america, and denial of the Visa would cause undue hardship.”