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Fearless dog filmed chasing black bear from neighbor’s garden (VIDEO)

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Dogs have long been known to risk life and limb to protect their human companions from all manner of dangers, but one particularly brave pooch is receiving high praise for an incredibly daring attack on an invading black bear.

The impressive footage, filmed Tuesday, shows the sizable bear wandering into a garden in Hewitt, New Jersey before casually pulling down a bird feeder and tucking into the seeds. 

That is, until the dog next door, Riley, races onto the scene and bodyslams the bear before fearlessly chasing the (much larger) animal away. Riley’s owner, Alan Tlusty, said this wasn’t the first time the dog took on a bear, but claimed Tuesday’s run-in was particularly bold even by Riley’s standards.

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The protective pup has been known to come into the garden to keep an eye on the neighbor’s children while they’re playing in the pool. This time Riley has earned a steak for his protective efforts, promised the grateful neighbor. 

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