Fibreglass boats are main mode of travel

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People on Kadavu still rely heavily on fibreglass boats as a means of transportation.

With new roads still being constructed and old roads being upgraded, the people of Kadavu will still rely heavily on fibreglass boats for transportation of both goods and people.

Assistant roko at the Kadavu Provincial Council Soroveveli Vura said a 5km road was constructed this year from Korovou in Yale to Nalotu and the same road was used to travel from Tavuki to Richmond High School.

He said another company was also responsible for clearing and upgrading of the road from Nabukelevuira to Kabariki.

For those villages that are only accessible by boats, he said further consultation would be done before any decision was made on the construction of roads.

At Kavala and Vunisea, fibreglass boats made their way to the jetties carting goods for the market or for people of Kadavu on the mainland.

It was a sight to see as boats sped from all sides making their way to the jetty.

A villager who wished to remain anonymous said he would prefer to come by boat rather than a vehicle because it was faster and more convenient.

A boat travel depending on distance travelled can range from as low as $50 to more than a $1000.