Financial Education Benefits Center Encourages Members to Embrace Benefits of Travel

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SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Traveling can mean a vacation, time away from work or everyday responsibilities. But travel has more benefits than just getting away from it all. Studies have shown that people who travel are healthier. But sometimes it’s easy to let worry and stress get in the way of traveling. Financial Education Benefits Center, a membership benefits company specializing in health and lifestyle wellness, encourages everyone to travel and assures members that with roadside assistance and global travel assistance benefits, there should be even less stress.

Everyone travels in different ways for different reasons. Some individuals want to visit each continent; others want to visit each state in the U.S. No matter the destination, or even if the journey is more important, travel has the power to boost happiness, reduce depression and stress, and even inspire creativity. Travelers experience these benefits the most when they immerse themselves in the culture they are visiting.

“Traveling can be exciting and scary at the same time,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC. “It’s exciting to go to other places and to see unfamiliar faces and new sights. Plus, there’s nothing better than coming back home refreshed and ready to resume your normal life.”

The benefits of travel are great, but there are still risks. Accidents can happen during even the most benign activity. Safety should always be a factor when making travel plans. However, FEBC encourages everyone to prevent outsized fear or potential stress from holding them back from traveling. To help ease some worries, FEBC offers a couple of benefits that assist travelers in case of injury or auto mishaps while traveling.

Travelers may worry about risks involving personal safety away from home, including potential injuries or theft of travel documents. FEBC’s upcoming global travel assistance benefit assists eligible members with emergency medical transportation, treatment monitoring, replacement of travel documents, and more in order to deliver peace of mind. Note: Additional fees may apply. This benefit does not cover medical or hospital stay costs.

For those traveling by car, it’s a good idea to get an auto check-up before departing, but things do still happen. Tires can get punctured in construction areas; gas can run out when stations are few and far in between; keys can be found inside the car they are supposed to unlock. For all these and more, FEBC’s roadside assistance benefit is there for its members.

“We hope our members have a great time when they travel, and don’t have to use these services, but they’re there in case they do,” said Martinez. “We specialize in peace of mind and hope to provide help when things get tough, which can be especially tough when you’re far from home.”

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