Find Italy’s art cities with distinctive ohmyguide. travel

Find Italy’s art cities with distinctive ohmyguide. travel
A new and unique take a trip company has for some time has been working as an on/off line organizer associated with guided tours in some of Italy’ s major art cities. Why is these tours unique?

These types of guided tours all take place walking distance and last roughly 3 hrs for small groups (minimum team size of 3, up to optimum group size of 8/10 people) and encompass themes of nearby, social, artistic, and cultural, just about all carried out by accomplished tourist manuals, who are all officially accredited.

This startup was created from the experience of seasoned traveler, Enrico Corsini, the tourism manager associated with ohmyguide. travel. “ The more I actually traveled, the more I felt which i was always missing out. So why not discover a way of being able to utilize my period more efficiently when visiting a new town in an interesting, culturally-stimulating fashion, ” Enrico said.
The initial major cultural venues are usually: Piacenza, Parma, Milano, Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, Lodi, Cremona, Mantova, Pavia, Rimini, Firenze, Siena, and Verona with over 50 tour mixtures.
All are accessible with accomplished tour guides that discuss Enrico’ s passion, values, plus philosophy that makes their package distinctive, providing 3 hours of immersion by foot in the hidden wonders associated with art, culture, and history of these types of fabulous Italian cities.
Ohmyguide. travel allows individuals to tailor their visits simply by favorite destination, tour, and day.
Why select ohmyguide. travel?
It is sociable, tourists and tourists can meet and pass time with people from all walks associated with life.
It really is healthy and culturally stimulating.
It is extremely interactive, strolling among the very history of Italy.
It stimulates interest and a thirst for knowledge simply by experiencing first-hand the very fabric associated with Italian culture.
The web site offers a perfect starting point within each of these cities, to learn the local lifestyle, history, and art, leaving time to enjoy and relax in the “ bel paese” (beautiful country).
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