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Fix Ado Awaye Hanging Lake, tourism marketer urges FG

A tourism destination marketer, Raphael James, has called on the government to rehabilitate Ado Awaye Hanging Lake in Iseyin MUNICIPALITY Section of Oyo State.on Tuesday
James made the decision while talking to the news headlines Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.
He said that the nation’s only hanging lake remains a death trap for tourists because the staircases adjoining the lake were in dilapidated state.
According to him, beneath the pretext of keeping the lake in its natural state, it is becoming dirty and unattractive.
He said: The Ado Awaye Hanging Lake is in its worst state, the staircases are old, broken, damaged with greenish water.
“Tourists should be careful never to fall while climbing since it is really a death trap for whoever falls.
“Government must focus on it to attract tourists, taking into consideration the known proven fact that you can find only two hanging lakes on earth – Ado Awaye, Colorado and nigeria in america of America.
“The hanging lake in Colorado generates huge amount of money annually so we are able to imagine what we are able to gain if ours is properly maintained.
“Whoever is visiting the hanging lake are taken up to the King of Ado Awaye village where they pay a token prior to going to the lake, this money ought to be used to take care of the lake.”
James said that the government hadn’t paid due focus on almost all of the country’s heritage sites that have been with the capacity of generating huge revenue for the country.
He suggested that for proper maintenance of the nation’s heritage sites, tourist’s passage ought to be computerised and automated, saying this might give room for accountability also.
The marketer said that within the lake, an artificial lake could possibly be created along with the mountain with beautiful fish to attract tourists.
He added: “You can find no refreshments on the lake, it looks so abandoned and boring, we should create interesting activities round the lake.”