Fort Myers Beach among priciest destinations in Florida, according to survey

Fort Myers Beach among priciest destinations in Florida, according to survey

Fort Myers Beach, a long stretch of sandy beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, is one of the most expensive destinations in Florida. That finding is according to the latest survey conducted by, which compared the hotel rates of 30 popular Floridian destinations.

Specifically, the survey established for each destination a price tag for its most affordable double room during the months of February and March 2018. chose this time period in light of it being the high season for most beach destinations in the Sunshine State. It bears mentioning that only hotels rated at least 3 stars and located close to the beach/city center were considered by the survey.

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In Fort Myers Beach, travelers will have to spend an average of $302 per night to stay in the most affordable double room. Only two Florida destinations are pricier, Delray Beach and Sanibel, which rank as the number one and two most expensive, respectively.

Following on Fort Myers Beach’s heels is Key West, which ranks fourth most expensive on the survey. An overnight rate of $284 positions it just outside the Top 3. That placement comes as a bit of a surprise given that Key West topped the rankings two years ago when the same survey was conducted. According to
Diane Muller, spokesperson for, Hurricane Irma may be to blame for the slide. In the wake of that storm, both Key West and Key Largo are 20% to 25% more affordable than they were last year.

The following table lists the 10 most expensive destinations in Florida. The rates indicated reflect
the average cost for the cheapest available double room (minimum 3-star hotel) at each locale for
the time period spanning February 1 through March 31, 2018.

1. Delray Beach $324
2. Sanibel $303
3. Fort Myers Beach $302
4. Key West $284
5. Downtown Miami $254
6. Sarasota $253
7. Boca Raton $246
8. Pompano Beach $229
9. Key Largo $224
10. Islamorada $224

For the full results of the survey, visit

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