Global LGBTQ Tourism Study: What is important for LGBTQ travelers?

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LGTBQ Study by CMI

Over 200 global study partners interviewed 40,460 respondents in 151 countries and 18.743 participants in the United States under the leadership of Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) in San Francisco.

Thomas Roth, principal of CMI shared some of the findings with eTurboNews. These findings are comprehensive and eyeopening on a number of levels.

Participants in the survey allowed participants to self-identify with a wider and more inclusive spectrum of identities within the LGBTQ community.

Among those surveyed were Gay & Bisexual Men 46%, Lesbian and Bisexual Women 46%, Gender – Exansive 8%. 33% were Millenials, 33% Generation X, and 33% were Baby Boomers.

Here are some of the concerns addressed by those responding

  • I fear there will be a roll back of recent LGBTQ equality gains in the coming year.
    76% agree, 16%neutral, 8% disagree.
  • Corporations that support LGBTQ equality are more important than ever
    85% agree, 13% neutral, 2% disagree

The report explains:

  • Companies that support LGBTQ equality will get more of my business this year
    76% agree, 22% neutral, 2% disagree

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