Google's New Travel Tools KNOW VERY WELL WHAT You Did Next Summer – Jakarta Post Already

Google's New Travel Tools KNOW VERY WELL WHAT You Did Next Summer – Jakarta Post Already

Excerpt from Jakarta Post

In the planet of luxury travel, two superpowers currently prevail most importantly: personalization and intuition. The higher a hotel, app, or travel company can react to users’ desires and needs – and ideally, predict them before they bubble around the top – the much more likely they are to get a loyal following.

But it isn’t a hotel or travel agency that’s cracking the golden acorn. It’s Google. The tech titan is leveraging its immense artificial machine-learning and intelligence capabilities to improve its travel offerings, which cover from flight and hotel search to activity recommendations currently, destination guides, and mapping services.

Travel tech expert Gillian Morris, founder of airfare search app Hitlist, says it is a space where Google is put to achieve success uniquely. “One reason it’s so difficult to innovate and present satisfying experiences in the travel industry is that companies rarely know any thing about you; you do not get on Kayak or Expedia in order to learn everything you like,” she explains. “Personalization is difficult once you don’t have an obvious picture of the traveler. But Google has so much info during your email, flight confirmations—everything—they are able to deliver that magical trip experience actually.”

The proof is in the pudding. In the last couple of months, Google has quietly launched a range of travel-focused features and updates that highlight precisely how intuitive its AI technology is becoming. Put all of them together and you will have sufficient reason to trust the next travel agent could just be a Google-powered bot.

Here, the game-changing features to check for—or hide from, if you are more worried about privacy than as an early adopter. 

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