Government’s ‘big step’ in tourism

Government’s ‘big step’ in tourism

The Ministry of Nature Protection has made the entrance of Dendropark of Stepanavan paid. Formerly it was free of charge.

When Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan announced still at the beginning of the current year that they would make fast and serious changes in the field of tourism, they most possibly meant this change as well, which took place fastly and rather seriously.

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As compared with the previous year, the road to Dendropark has been subject to serious changes alike, the holes have deepened more, the asphalt has disappeared and the drivers, as an alternative road have started to go to Dendropark through fields.

Let us remember that the PM was telling during the meeting with inbound tour operators that he wanted a very constructive and calculated program for developing tourism, is necessarily CNN needed? Are there not other means present as well? If we are clever, we will take “big steps” respective to that.

It appears they have calculated that they can take such a “big step” costing 200 drams at the expense of the pine forest built by Polish forestry expert Edmon Leonovich.




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