Growing tourism industry in Morocco boosts the hospitality and real estate sector

, Growing tourism industry in Morocco boosts the hospitality and real estate sector, TravelWireNews | World News

DUBAI, UAE – With Morocco’s flagging tourism industry boosting the hospitality and construction industry, the 2017 edition of Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will serve as an important event for real estate and hospitality professionals looking to build and operate new hotels across the country.

“The last few months of 2016 have allowed the Moroccan tourism sector to bring in record-breaking revenue, thanks to an overall international trust in the Morocco as a holiday destination. The growing tourism industry has led to the development of several new hospitality facilities in Morocco and we’re confident that these developments will continue to rise in the coming few years,” said Ravi Kumar Chandran, Director of IDE, Organizers of the Hotelier Summit Africa (North).

The tourism sector in Morocco experienced significant growth at the beginning of this year. According to the data from Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, the number of visitors that entered the country in February went up 10.6 per cent with overnight stays in hotels increasing to 18.8 per cent. The sector has been posting positive results since November 2016. 

Also, the number of tourists rose from both the markets considered to be traditional to Morocco and those rated as emerging markets. The number of visitors increased by six per cent from France, 22 per cent from Spain, 19 per cent from Germany and seven per cent from the United Kingdom.

Among emerging markets, there was an increase of 92 per cent in the number of visitors from China, 82 per cent from Russia, 62 per cent from Japan, 32 per cent from the United States, 20 per cent from Canada and 17 per cent from other African countries.

“Morocco’s tourism industry has seen an exceptional first half this year. The dynamic and international tourism industry is considered lucrative by hoteliers considering the revenue generated by this industry,” he added.

“The 2017 edition of Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will shed light on the flagging tourism industry and will provide an opportunity for professionals to meet, interact and network with high-profile industry experts. Overall, the Summit will serve as a strategic platform to help deliver growth, competitiveness and innovation in the hospitality and real estate industry,” concluded Chandran.

The Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will facilitate discussion and partnerships with several industry professionals. It will also provide a seamless and strategic platform to share and develop best practices for hoteliers, developers and investors to interact and enter into business agreements and deals.