Haad urges Emirati youth to pursue medical degrees

Haad urges Emirati youth to pursue medical degrees

Social media campaign seeks to connect Emirati youth with medical opportunities

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Abu Dhabi: A new social media campaign has been launched by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (Haad) to encourage Emirati youth to take up medical careers.

The campaign by the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s health sector regulator is targeted towards those aged between 16 and 18 years, and urges them to join the nation’s growing health-care sector.

According to Haad, there are currently 2,289 Emiratis working in the health-care sector across the UAE, and 49 per cent are doctors while 14 per cent are nurses. Another nine per cent work in dentistry, four per cent in pharmaceuticals, and the remaining 24 per cent provide support services. The Haad estimates that 76 per cent of all Emirati health-care professionals are women, while 24 per cent are men.

In Abu Dhabi emirate alone, there are 1,124 Emirati doctors and 315 Emirati nurses.

The Haad statement added that the authority is looking to collaborate closely with its partners to help drive an increase in the ratio of female and male nationals interested in joining the medical field. The authority hopes to accomplish this goal by highlighting existing opportunities and future requirements, as well as bringing attention to the inspiring success stories of Emirati talent in the health-care sector.

To that end, the social media campaign provides an online platform for those interested in learning more about the diversity of available medical disciplines. It will also link other online platforms that provide extensive information on the medical programmes and universities available to students, as well as instructions on how to enrol in these programmes.

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