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Your October Monthly Forecast: Every year, at around this time, you welcome a powerful celestial visitor to your sector of the sky. But this year, the cosmos brings a ‘plus one’ to your birthday party. Not only is the Sun entering Scorpio, but Jupiter is also making its first visit for over 12 years. This is a party that’s set to get the gossip columnists scribbling and the paps flashing. Jupiter represents luck, wealth, adventure, fun and generosity. But it’s not all about frivolity. It’s also a planet of thinking and philosophy. Inspiration is available.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: You’re so close, you can nearly touch it. But there’s something in your way. It isn’t a physical barrier; it’s simply a cycle of expectation you feel stuck in. It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest you might be holding yourself back from this achievement, but where in your life have you become so used to let-downs that you’ve forgotten what success is? What has caused such thinking? Whatever the reason, it will serve you to confront the source of your disquiet – and Jupiter’s influence will help you appreciate getting there all the more.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: ‘All the applause, all the parades, And all the money I have made, Oh, it’s lonely at the top,’ sang Randy Newman. You could be tempted to swap your right arm for success, but the achievement is empty without emotional resonance attached. This is exemplified by many a sad turn in a celebrity’s life. Yet your astrological week hints of a triumph that can fulfil emotionally too. Jupiter’s message is: don’t lose sight of where you’re going. Open your heart to the lessons your struggle imparts; your victories will be sweet.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Chemical imbalances in the brain can leave us elated, depressed, lethargic or hyperactive. The brain is a delicate thing. So is the heart. When there’s an unequal power dynamic playing out in our lives, we can suffer a wounded heart. At home, work or play, we all want to feel we are receiving as much support from others as we give them. This isn’t about tit-for-tat, but about our need to feel cared-for and respected. As your traditional ruler moves signs, it’s taking you on a journey. You know, deep down, where you want it to lead.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Legends are full of stories about people who made a dark pact in return for their wildest dreams. From Dr Faustus to Robert Johnson, all the protagonists come to lament their deals with the devil. So it’s fortunate this week that your current negotiations are free from horns, tridents and ouija boards. Yet that doesn’t mean there’s any less chance of you getting all your desire. As Venus and Mars align at the coming of this week’s Full Moon, if you put your heart into it, a partnership really can bear fruit. You won’t regret it.


Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: You have the power to make a deep difference in someone’s life, this week. It needn’t take much, either. Often the tiniest detail – a door held open, or a smile from a stranger – has the power to lift spirits and bring the sun out. What it will require, however, is the capacity to be utterly selfless for a moment. I know that such selflessness can often leave us feeling oddly exposed but, as a Taurean, you have access to emotional resources others can only dream of. And this one’s worth the effort. Jupiter, planet of luck, should make life easier too.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Communication is about so much more than language. You may share a common tongue, but think about what else you have in common with your friends. Education, jokes and memories that enable you to communicate emotions in a single look. Given our wealth of interpretive tools, it’s surprising we don’t know what everyone’s thinking every second of the day! But somewhere in your life a miscommunication has caused strife. Now, as Jupiter departs your sign, a welcome period of calm begins. You’ll find the power to set things right.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Cast your mind back ten years. What were your hopes, dreams and worries? Some, I’m sure, are still important to you today. Others, however, seem ridiculous. Did you really cry over something so silly? You were right to leave those things in the past. The same goes for past relationships. It’s easy to idealise people and situations when they’re safely in the past but, remember, you left those behind for a reason. As Jupiter moves into a new home, harness the luck that can bring. Don’t romanticise someone you’re better off without.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: From time to time, life gets in the way. Carefully constructed plans get shelved. Over time, as they sit gathering dust in a cupboard at the back of our minds, we all but forget that we ever made the effort in the first place. But, whether you realise it yet or not, that initial energy has not gone to waste. Far from it, in fact. A long-dreamed-of moment has taken its time to arrive but now, as ‘lucky’ Jupiter moves into a new home, it’s here! Reach back into that cupboard and dust of those ideas. You have everything you need right here.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Tristan and Isolde drank a love potion so strong they were prepared to tear marriages and countries apart just to be together. My speciality doesn’t lie in love potions, but certain astrological movements do generate intensely erotic cosmic energy. This powerful aphrodisiac arrives when Venus and Mars combine in your sign, as they do at this week’s Full Moon opposite your ruler. With both relationship planets in your sign you’re radiating powerful energy. What’s more, you’re capable of inspiring others to respond with equal enthusiasm.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: It’s easy to vent our anger on those closest to us. We trust them to love us anyway, but this is no excuse for abandoning the laws of common decency. In such a hostile frame of mind, can we blame them if they lash out in response? But any damage doesn’t have to be permanent. Not only is the Sun entering Scorpio this month, Jupiter is also making its first visit for over 12 years. It’s an opportunity to reset the clock and heal a wounded relationship. And, what’s more, it’s easy. All that’s needed is kindness – everything else will follow.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: There’s a skip in your step today. You’re glowing. And, what’s more, people are noticing. There are knowing smiles as they say, ‘There’s someone who’s had some good news’. And they’re right. Or they’re about to be. The reason for your optimism might not be quite close enough to touch but it’s getting ever closer. Thank Jupiter, planet of luck and learning, working in harmony with your creative ruler. This isn’t pre-emptive joy that risks raising you up only to bring you crashing back down. The truth of it is radiating out of you. Enjoy it.


Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Did you know that there are news platforms dedicated to happy events? A bystander saves someone from harm or a baby panda is born. When most news is all about conflict, it’s good to know love and kindness still exist – or you might end up believing that both pandas and love are almost extinct. You certainly wouldn’t be expecting to be showered with it – love, not pandas! But right now, that’s just what you should expect! Your ruler is changing signs. Your favourite things are still here – but exciting new flavours await.


Seeing winning and losing as opposites is unhelpful. It is, though, our culturally-entrenched perspective. When the only alternative to winning is being the loser, winning becomes everything. Yet, even though great athletes lose sometimes, their place in sporting history remains intact. You want to succeed. But, if you’re overwhelmingly focused on attaining first place, you risk losing sight of what’s motivating you. It’s time to dampen your burning desire to win, and reignite your passion.