He does love missiles! Smiling Kim tests N. Korea’s ‘super-large multiple rocket launcher’ (PHOTOS)

, He does love missiles! Smiling Kim tests N. Korea’s ‘super-large multiple rocket launcher’ (PHOTOS), Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire

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The successful test of a new “super-large multiple rocket launcher” was nothing short of a “miracle” performed by North Korean scientists, Pyongyang said, as Kim Jong-un vows to continue missile launches so pleasing to his sight.

It seems US President Donald Trump was spot-on when he said Kim just loves watching those rockets fly. Photos from the Saturday test, released by state media KCNA, showed the North Korean leader captivated and sincerely delighted by “majestic explosions rocking the Earth again and again.”

A smiling Kim also posed with the launcher vehicle and a team of scientists, whom the media called a “precious treasure and wealth of the country which cannot be bartered for anything.”

Earlier in the day, when asked about North Korea’s seventh military test this summer, Donald Trump said Kim had always been “pretty straight” with him about his passion for launching missiles, implying that yet another test would hardly impact the already stalled denuclearization talks.

Meanwhile Kim once again emphasized that North Korea “will never barter its strategic security” for the sanctions relief (which the US never guaranteed in the first place), and vowed to vigorously battle the “ever-mounting military threats and offensive pressure.”

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