Hippo kills tourist taking photos of wildlife in Kenya

Hippo kills tourist taking photos of wildlife in Kenya

A Chinese tourist has died after being bitten by way of a hippo while capturing at a wildlife resort in Kenya.

Chang Ming Chuang, 66, was attacked on the shores of Lake Naivasha just hours following a hippo killed an area fisherman in exactly the same area.

A second Chinese tourist, Wu Peng Te, 62, on Saturday night and was taken up to the neighborhood hospital for treatment was also injured in the attack.

Six folks have been killed by the mostly herbivorous mammals around Lake Naivasha so.

Environmental experts say conflict between humans and hippos has increased due to encroachment in to the animal’s grazing areas.

Paul Udoto, a spokesman for Kenya Wildlife Service, said attacks on tourists are rare because they’re protected by guides usually.

Witnesses told The Star newspaper in Kenya that the hippo bit Mr Chuang on the chest after he got too close while capturing near Sopa Hotel.

“The hippo that attacked the Chinese wanted pasture close to the hotel,” said David Kilo, chairman of the Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association.

“This is simply not the 1st time,” he adding that the animals were having to stray into nearby hotels and farms for grazing due to rising water levels.

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The Kenya Wildlife Service said these were tracking the hippo.

Police said the fisherman was also bitten on the chest several miles from the scene of the attack on the tourists.

“His injuries were serious and he died minutes after he was retrieved from the lake,” said Rift Valley head of criminal investigations Gideon Kibunja.

In January a fisherman was killed by way of a hippo while preparing his nets for a fishing expedition in Lake Naivasha. 

The Rift Valley’s highest lake is really a popular destination for travellers hoping to identify hippos, zebras and giraffes.

Additional reporting by agencies