HKBN launches Travel Pocket Wi-Fi mobile data service

HKBN launches Travel Pocket Wi-Fi mobile data service

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has introduced a global mobile data service dubbed ‘HKBN Travel Pocket Wi-Fi’. Over 1 million current HKBN home broadband, home phone, mobile services customers, as well as select new customers and HKBN Enterprise Solutions customers can now take up the new service. The ‘Travel Pocket Wi-Fi’ service enables travelers to access 500MB of data daily, with 4G connectivity across more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, without device rental deposits.

Current customers of HKBN home broadband/home phone/mobile services can try the Travel Pocket Wi-Fi connectivity service overseas with 5-day service free of charge. New and renewing customers of HKBN’s home broadband or mobile services will receive 10-day service free. Customers can now access the free Travel Pocket Wi-Fi service with HKBN’s mobile plans for HKD 78 per month. In addition, select HKBN Enterprise Solutions customers can also access a 5-day free Travel Pocket Wi-Fi service and reduce the roaming data costs of business travel. 

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Until 31 March, current customers of HKBN’s home broadband/ home phone/ mobile services can visit the hkbn website to register for a free 5-day Pass Promo Code. The Promo Code can be used by 31 December to reserve the Travel Pocket Wi-Fi for pickup at designated HKBN shops or Hung Fook Tong shops, including Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Station MTR shop and Kowloon Station MTR shop. For new and renewing customers, two 5-Day Pass Promo Codes will be automatically sent to their mailbox.

Powered by cloud technology, the HKBN Travel Pocket Wi-Fi package allows customers to use 1 device across over 100 countries and regions with an intelligent function that automatically switches to connect to each location’s strongest available 4G network. According to HKB, its Travel Pocket Wi-Fi features an extended battery life that not only performs continuously for over 15-hours, but it also doubles as a power bank. The device features a 4-inch touch interface for usability when checking data usage and battery life.

HKBN has also announced details about its latest mobile services bundle offers. Customers can now access HKBN’s 4G 21Mbps bundle priced for a starting price of HKD 78 per month. Monthly fees for its 6GB plan and 12GB upgradeable to unlimited local data usage plan will also be reduced. Select current customers of HKBN home broadband or home telephone service, as well as customers who port-in their numbers from csl, 1010, Sun Mobile, will receive the special 6GB and upgradeable 12GB plan monthly fee offers.

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