Hotels in Brooklyn VS. Manhattan: Which to Choose?

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For a long time, Brooklyn and Manhattan have been rivals in terms of where visitors can stay when they come to New York. The two places are separated by a river and each has its own form of attraction that pulls visitors.

However Manhattan has always had the lion’s share of visitors due to its unique sites. Recent times have seen a shift in tide as visitors are now willing to cross the river every day from Manhattan and spend the night in Brooklyn due to the attractive offers that hotels in Brooklyn are giving.

Hotel owners in Brooklyn have found ways to bring in more customers by introducing a new generation of trendy hotels that offer very affordable prices to their customers.

Some of the hotels that have been able to pull visitors to Brooklyn include the following:

The Henry Norman Hotel – where rooms are available for as little as $207

Hotel Le Jolie – rooms go for as little as $160

The Condor Hotel – rooms available from $187. Has 35 rooms

Nu hotel – rooms available from $181. Has 93 rooms that have been retro themed.

The Condor hotel is probably worth a second mention from the list provided as it has been able to register an average booking all year round despite its small size. Of all its visitors, the ones who have really appreciated it the most are those with families.

The hotel only has 35 rooms available, but, which are quite spacious and can easily accommodate large families without overcrowding. For those who have toddlers with them, the hotel can provide them with baby cribs to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

All the rooms come fit with a kitchenette, complete with a microwave and mini fridge in case the family is in need of such amenities. The hotel also has a playground outside for the kids to enjoy themselves while the parents rest at their beautifully manicured garden.

Booking in advance at the hotel can guarantee you various discounts depending on the number of days that you will be there. The hotel, for instance, offers a 10% discount if you book for 3 nights in advance and a 15% discount if you book for 5 nights in advance.

Parking in New York has always been a problem and as such, the hotel has been able to attract visitors by solving this problem. For only $25 per night, the condor hotel will provide you with a safe and secure parking all night.

Given its small size, the hotel staff is always available to provide visitors with personalized services which can include a butler to take care of your children as you relax. Their staff is also known to treat the customers in a friendly manner, making it one of the top rated hotels in Brooklyn.

Aside from the offers at the hotel, there are also attraction sites outside that you can visit with your family during your stay there. Some of these sites include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Botanical garden.

Visit to get your booking started, and stand a chance to get the best offers at one of the best hotels in Brooklyn.