How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

Region: Floating Markets of Thailand

How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

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Here’s your chance to live like a Thai local and experience the daily life chores with much gusto. It’s charming and insightful too. We suggest, you try cruising along King Rama V’s Route. Intrigued? Here’s more: In the past, during the days of King Rama V, it was the king’s desire to know the real ways of life of his people. Thus, he travelled alone by the canal on a small Mat Kasuai boat. The route he took soon became a significant path in history, which also represented the royal benevolence towards his people. Now, this is a tale a local would narrate with much love when you plan on a holiday experience of this sort. There are of course, many more things to learn while we travel along this route. The route starts at Khlong Damnoen Saduak Pier, passing lovely Malacca grape, Chinese grapefruit, mangoes and bananas orchards. The guided trip would begin with fresh coconut tasting as you arrive at a mixed agricultural farm to see typical Thai houses by the riverside. Your boat will leisurely float across the canal (a great calming moment) where you would pass the front of Wat Choti Thayakaram and Ban Chek Huat. This is the spot where King Rama V used to stop by for lunch. You can pass Lat Phi Market and then turn toward the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Buy the local produce too, we say for a speciallyprepared meal.

Region: Gallop uphill in Los Angeles

How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

Nothing like taking a horseback ride up mount Hollywood by yourself to enjoy the sunset and a panoramic view of the city. There are popular ranches that provide guided tours through the hills of Griffith Park. Here, from this 5,000 acre park in the heart of Los Angeles the renowned ‘Hollywood’ sign, Griffith Observatory and Downtown Los Angeles can be viewed. On a clear day, your pack of girl friends may even get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and the San Fernando Valley. So, if you are seeking some me-time, nothing like doing it when the sun is setting with a margarita in your hand and the view absolutely perfect! Also, plan a camping trip to Saddleback Butte in Los Angeles. There are miles of hiking and equestrian trails with picnic tables and barbecue grills. An ideal time to visit is in the spring (February through May), when wildflowers put on a beautiful display of colour.


How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

Every time you go travelling all by yourself, do you have this lingering concern about safety? If yes, then try to sign up for a day tour to explore around. This way, you can meet like-minded people on a day excursion.

Intercity buses abroad are quite safe and reliable. A day long pass over single entry or a a weekly or monthly pass for the entire duration of the trip can be an apt travel decision.

Accommodation can be a tricky decision to make. Foremost, book it only after understanding your surroundings. A reputed hotel or even a hostel can turn out to be a fine choice and online bookings can work out cheaper sometimes if booked early.

Timing of arrival and departure can be crucial too for a solo woman traveller. Call or email ahead to the hotel reception or the owner of the guesthouse to ensure an authorised person is attending to the pick and drop facility. Avoid very early or very late hours on the roads.

Conning is seldom experienced by tourists but who wishes to take a chance anyway. Solo travellers may come across as more vulnerable. Be cautious but donft let your guards be too high. You can still enjoy a group meals and sit beside a stranger. Choose a family co-travelling group if that makes you feel comfortable. Do not leave your suitcase or bags outside at common areas where the crowds tend to assemble.

Bear it in mind:
Copies of your identification must be in multiple copies and kept in your handbag, suitcase, hotel and definitely on phone and email.

Exude a friendly sense of confidence and read up before you travel alone.

Real gold and diamond jewellery can attract attention in markets and malls. Avoid it!

Is someone else aware of your whereabouts? Make sure at least one or two accessible friends or family members are aware. Chats and regular updates is always a good idea.

Region: Pamalican Island, Philippines

How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

For solo travellers who are keen to kickstart their slowing metabolism, detox their bodies and rejuvenate with natural resources, then a spa holiday in Phillipines can be luxurious and helpful indeed. Indulge in some luxury when a private plane would fly you to a secluded island and your sense of wellness will begin right from the sights all around. Opt for treatment-oriented alignment and flexibility massages. With the soothing water-based techniques, postural assessment will improve posture for greater mobility. Want to rekindle that fire in the belly, go for wellness vacays.

Region: Pause your hectic pace at Deer Park in British Columbia

How Indian women travel groups are painting the town red with élan

Deer Lake Park is a mecca for outdoor activities and cultural life in Burnaby. It is a relaxing 5 kilometre walk around a cute urban lake just 30 minutes from Vancouver. Whether you want to visit and art gallery or see and outdoor concert, Deer Lake Park is the place you will find it. Outdoorsy groups of friends often head to this park for the beach, the playground, the water activities and the Burnaby Village Museum. Indeed, even solo travellers find so much to see around here. British Columbia’s safe environs make it ideal for women travellers during the summer months. For the active traveller, this park comes alive with outdoor concerts and lake activities. Opt for a scenic trail as you go on a short drive from downtown Vancouver!

Burnaby Mountain is home to a nice network of popular trails with fantastic views of Vancouver, Burrard Inlet and beyond. The trails link to the Trans Canada Trail stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and up to the Arctic Ocean. The hiking or biking and also walking trail are popular with girl gangs touring North America.

The Tip: Solo holidays with women are a growing trend in Asian women. Indian women groups who are keen to travel often find like-minded company as they travel together. Whenever you select a destination, make sure the weather is just perfect for a great time ahead. Booking ahead can spring great girlie offers.

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