How to travel with babies without stress

How to travel with babies without stress

If you are a natural traveler, having a new member in your family doesn’t mean you have to stop discovering the world. Even when it can be overwhelming and stressful, if you follow a few simple steps and organize everything in advance, travel with a baby can be an amazing experience.

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First things first: Know your baby

Before even thinking about travelling with your baby, you need to know all about their needs. You might be thinking: “I’m his Mom/Dad, of course I know my child!”, but the truth is that you just can’t take things lightly when it comes to travel with a baby.

You need to have everything under control: Do they have all their vaccinations? Are they allergic to something? Feeding and diaper changing times. What stresses your baby? Where do you want to travel? And most importantly, do you have everything you need?

If you answer all these questions and start organizing everything before the trip, you will find that the whole process is easier than you might think. Next step…

Tips, tips, tips

-Keep in mind that you won’t always be able to find a proper space to change your baby’s diaper, so it’s good to purchase some slip-on diapers in case of emergencies.

-Get a cloth carrier. Not only is it comfortable for you and your baby: it’s useful and it won’t take up too much room in your bag.

-Organize your bag with everything you might need. Make lists (diapers, bottles, extra clothes, different clothes for each occasion and so on).

-Have a bag especially for you with everything you need: water, makeup and personal items like small tissues or deodorant.

-Get your baby used to having their food or bottle at room temperature. This will help you a lot with your baby’s eating routine.

-Have the boarding passes, passports and everything you might need inside a special purse close to you at all times. Especially if you fly alone.

The trick to travel with a baby without stress is simply to be organized beforehand. So if you want to have a very special vacation, start planning now and choose the best place for you and your baby; research and research some more to ensure both of you have a great time.

Have fun!

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