How will weather resulting in Christmas affect travel up, white Christmas chances?

, How will weather resulting in Christmas affect travel up, white Christmas chances?, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News
, How will weather resulting in Christmas affect travel up, white Christmas chances?, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

Following the storm poised to create drenching rain and the chance of flooding on the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states into this weekend, from Monday generally quiet climate should be expected over a lot of the low 48 states, Dec. 17, thursday into, Dec. 20.

The only exception to the quiet weather pattern during this time period will undoubtedly be in the Northwest corner of the country, in which a group of storms shall blast areas from coastal northern California to Washington with heavy rain, high-elevation wind and snow.

Blustery and cold weather are forecast to check out the departing storm in the Northeast with bands of lake-effect snow likely off lakes Erie and Ontario during Monday and Tuesday.

Holiday travel

Travel in this holiday season may very well be the heaviest on record, in line with the American Automobile Association (AAA).

More than 102 million people shall take their vehicle on any occasion trip, and congestion could possibly be four times that of a standard trip around a number of the major cities with a number of the worst days for travel likely to be on Wednesday, Dec. 19, thursday and, Dec. 20, AAA stated within their press release. A combination will undoubtedly be brought by nowadays of commuters going to work and the start surge of holiday travel.


Toward the finish of next, a set of storms might affect portion of the eastern 1 / 2 of the nation.

“One storm may sprout from the South with the opportunity of rain spreading from the Gulf coast of florida to the Ohio Valley and coastal Northeast,” in accordance with AccuWeather lead long-range meteorologist Paul Pastelok.


Depending on the strength and extent of this storm later next, there might be added slowdowns on the highways, a larger threat of accidents, as well as perhaps some minor airline delays linked to poor visibility and a minimal cloud ceiling at a number of the major hubs in the Midwest and East.

A second storm, an Alberta clipper, may drop in and spread snow and rain showers from the fantastic Lakes to northern New England.


It is beyond next, once the weather pattern could become ornery with the prospect of a large storm in the eastern the main nation near or perhaps soon after Christmas.

“We believe you will have some type of potent storm that brews close to the Gulf coast of florida before Christmas with a window of movement from straight off the southern Atlantic coast to the fantastic Lakes during Christmas Day or as late as Thursday, Dec. 27,” Pastelok said.

Confidence is a lot higher that thunderstorms and rain may affect the Southeast just prior Christmas. It’s less sure that the storm will impact elements of the Midwest and Northeast during and soon after Christmas Day with that storm. If it can impact those northern areas, rain, ice and snow could all be considered a concern.

Both of the storms, week and around Christmas late next, may fuel heavy thunderstorms partly of the Deep South.

Meanwhile, in the West, weekend the storm train will come to a finish in the Northwest next. 

White Christmas?

However, weekend there could be a gusty wind event for California by next, accompanied by patches of snow and cold air that spread southward on the interior West through the week of Christmas.

The timing of the storms in the East and the West will ultimately determine which regions of the nation end up getting a white Christmas.

Officially, a white Christmas depends upon at the very least an inch of snow on the floor rather than necessarily snow falling on the vacation.

The 1-3 feet of snow that fell on the southern Appalachians and Piedmont areas from last weekend could have melted a long time before Christmas.

Best bets for a white Christmas in 2018 will undoubtedly be over ski country in the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Cascades, the northern Great Lakes and the northern Appalachians.

If the storm near Christmas moves in to the Northeast and taps into cold air quickly, then there can be snow on the floor in elements of the Midwest, central Appalachians and the coastal New England and top of the mid-Atlantic perhaps.