‘I breastfed a stranger’s baby inflight’: Airline attendant involves rescue of hungry infant (VIDEO)

‘I breastfed a stranger’s baby inflight’: Airline attendant involves rescue of hungry infant (VIDEO)

A Philippine Airlines flight attendant has shared her experience breastfeeding a passenger’s hysterical baby following its mother ran out of formula. Social media marketing responded with strident support – and concern.

Posting on Facebook, Patrisha Organo, 24, shared the extraordinary story of her “check flight”, the ultimate hurdle before becoming qualified aircrew, which ended in her breastfeeding a stranger’s wailing baby. The post has racked up a lot more than 117,000 ‘likes’ and over 20,000 shares in a day just.

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Organo said she approached mom, who had go out of formula for the newborn, and wanted to feed the infant with her very own milk – reserved on her behalf nine-month-old daughter &ndash usually; that your desperate parent accepted.

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The passenger and her baby have been in the airport since 9pm, and the flight didn’morning t depart until 5:10am another, Organo told Smart Parenting. She was flying with the tiny infant alone, month old who was simply significantly less than 1.

While the a reaction to Organo’s post has been positive overwhelmingly, several commenters have labeled mom as “irresponsible” for running out of formula and for not breastfeeding herself.

That’s amazing couldn&rsquo wondering why mom; t though do it… so sad the breastfeeding rates are so low. And like how would you go out of formula? Irresponsible,” wrote one woman in her reaction to the post.

Kudos to the flight attendant nonetheless it ought to be a lesson for mother. Ran out of formula? Really? You’re traveling with a child, first thing you pack and be sure you have is food/milk and diapers enough… What if there is no one open to nurse your child?” another commented.

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Other, more alarmed, Facebook users criticized the girl for allowing a stranger breastfeed a child for concern with passing on illness or disease.

I’m sorry however the mother who forgot the formula human error or not how could she be certain of the women, a stranger… things are passed in breastmilk,” one of the most concerned responses reads. “It’s a good story and wonderful to provide but I simply don’t think I possibly could do this with my child that is clearly a big risk.”

A second said: “Heroic act but if it were my baby I’d not let a stranger feed her. That’s me just.”

It was subsequently described by many Facebook users that airport TSA agents have already been “recognized to toss milk”, that it’s common for breastmilk to up dry, or it might simply be right down to a &ldquo all;miscalculation of time”.

First thing to believe is irresponsible, imagine if it had been dropped by her and the complete can spilled, imagine if ants surely got to it – anything can occur. Our job as humans is merely to be happy the damn baby got fed and managed to get threw [SIC] the flight,” wrote one Facebook user in the parent’s defense.

Every single among you bashing with this poor mama. You need to feel ashamed,” another wrote. “You haven’t idea what circumstances lead around her being on that plane without formula.

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