Icelanders Travel Less in Iceland

Icelanders Travel Less in Iceland

Icelandic residents travelled considerably less often within Iceland through the summer of 2018, RÚV reports. This is true of Reykjav&iacute especially;k residents, for whom bad weather in Southwest Iceland could have played the right part. The data originates from a survey on travel habits carried for the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration out.

About 22% of respondents, or 50% a lot more than in 2014, stated the real amount of foreign tourists affected their travel plans during last summer. A complete of 68% stated that they had stopped visiting popular holiday destinations as a result of amount of foreign tourists, a decrease from 76% in 2014. While 16% stated they couldn’t book accommodation since it was booked by foreign tourists, 10% mentioned difficulties to make restaurant reservations for exactly the same reason. Others stated that foreign drivers were unsafe, stopping in the center of the street to take pictures often.

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The average amount of trips Reykjavík residents make beyond your capital area has been decreasing since 2007 steadily. While 11 years back residents of Iceland’s capital city took typically 12 trips from the populous city through the summer, they took only six in 2018. Icelanders generally may actually instead be going abroad, making typically three trips outside Iceland in 2018, lots which has risen since 2010 steadily.

The youngest generation of survey respondents was the only person which travelled more inland in 2018 than 2017. Overall, private vehicles were useful for 87% of trips, while 8% travelled as passengers in someone else’s car, and 5% travelled by bus or airplane.

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