Icelandic Travel Industry Protests Fee Hikes at National Parks

Icelandic Travel Industry Protests Fee Hikes at National Parks

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association is protesting increased fees at both the Vatnajökull and Þingvellir National Parks, RÚV reports. According to a press release issued by the association, Vatnajökull National Park announced yesterday a service increase of 80%. Shortly thereafter, a service fee increase was also announced at Þingvellir.

The association asserts that the service fee increases were made without warning and that they show a lack of understanding of the working environment and market conditions that tourism service providers must contend with. They also argue that those particularly affected by the service fee changes were not consulted prior to the increases taking effect.

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The Icelandic Travel Industry Association is then demanding that the fee hikes be rescinded and that the government leads a focused discussion on tourism-related tariffs, as was previously agreed.

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