ICTP Chairman: Today we are all Berliners!

ICTP Chairman: Today we are all Berliners!


Juergen T. Steinmetz, chairman of  the International Coalition of Travel and leisure Partner issued the following statement:

“ Yesterday we were almost all Jordanians, today we’ re most Berliners. ”

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For the Global Coalition of Tourism Partners , I would like to extend our sympathy plus condolences to the victims and themselves involved in yesterday’ s criminal assault in Jordan, and today in Bremen. Both incidents were senseless functions by disguised criminals aimed in order to disable the world’ s biggest industry: Travel and Tourism.

It took heroes such as Jordanian law enforcement to prevent more damage, and it will take all of us, our local community of travel and tourism experts, to take leadership and encourage the clients and the public to consider visiting amazing places including Berlin, Michael jordan, Egypt, Istanbul, Brussels, Nice, Paris, france, Kenya, Tunisia, and New York.

You may not see this within the headlines, but everything possible has been done in these great destinations and many other parts of the world to keep tourists safe.

Terror assaults make headlines, but we should keep in mind the proportion of criminal situations a tourist could fall sufferer to, compared to a billion individuals traveling each year. The world, including those people places that had been randomly hit simply by widely-publicized headlines, are safe and will stay safe.

In other areas, criminal acts are becoming routine. Many are getting killed in Chicago each week by gunshots, and yet tourism, conferences, and conventions in the Windy Town are booming.

Don’ t let a handful of fanatics plus criminals alter our way of life. Vacation and Tourism is a contributor in order to peace and understanding. Travel plus Tourism translate to jobs plus prosperity for 10% of the world’ s population. This makes our own industry one of the largest economic gamers. Travel and Tourism must and can remain resilient.

Bremen is a great city, and Germany will stay a welcoming country and a design for this troubled world. Islam is really a peaceful religion. The same counts with regard to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism. Not really believing in a particular God, doesn’ t mean believing in performing harm.

However , if you believe hate and corporal punishment plus randomly killing children, tourists, plus old people attending a Xmas Market will get you to Heaven or even Nirvana or the like, you will be set for a terrible reality. The reality is you are merely a criminal, and disrespectful of human being life.

President Kennedy once said: “ We are all Berliners! ” And this becomes a true declaration once again today.

The particular International Coalition of Tourism Companions (ICTP) is a grassroots Travel & Tourism coalition of destinations plus stakeholders.

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