#ICYMI: Whatever goes wrong, you can ALWAYS blame a Russian! (VIDEO)

#ICYMI: Whatever goes wrong, you can ALWAYS blame a Russian! (VIDEO)

If something has gone wrong in life and you’ve run out of options, there’s now a very easy solution that works in any situation… blame a Russian.

Russians are extremely useful because they can be accused of absolutely anything, in fact, there is almost no end to things you can blame on a Russian.

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Lost an election? Blame a Russian. Need to win an election? Well, a Russian armed with a single Twitter account can persuade entire nations to vote for you.

Perhaps you just need to scare the taxpayer into spending more on the military. Then, you guessed it, just get yourself a Russian.

This week #ICYMI presents to you a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Buy your very own Russian, and never take the blame for anything again!

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