Increasing the impact of the tourism industry on the neighborhood economy

, Increasing the impact of the tourism industry on the neighborhood economy, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire

, Increasing the impact of the tourism industry on the neighborhood economy, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel NewswireWILLEMSTAD – Regardless of the challenges that the tourism industry is regularly facing it really is still probably the most resilient economic pillar of Curacao. And therefore it holds probably the most promise for the growth of our economy. With this thought CHATA focused its recent Member Meeting on ideas to further raise the economic impact of the.

tuesday November 20

On, CHATA organized another membership meeting for 2018 at CHATA member Renaissance Resort & Casino Curaçao. Every quarter CHATA organizes a known member meeting where members obtain the possibility to educate themselves on various topics, interact with other members and share their experiences and knowledge. This quarter CHATA invited Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), chairman of the Tax- & Duty-Free commission, Spin Internet Curconsult and Media to supply an update on various topics. Furthermore, Auxilia Training & The morning by giving a great and interactive ice breaker coaching kicked off.

Spin Internet Media: 5 ways OTA’s steal direct hotel booking and how exactly to mitigate this

Alexander Galarraga, co-owner of SPIN internet media, provided a thorough summary of valuable tips about how home owners can best increase their direct hotel bookings thereby increasing their overall revenue. At the brief moment many hotels have become influenced by OTA’s to operate a vehicle bookings with their property. However, this dependency negatively effects their direct bookings since they will have limited usage of their future hotel guests. Furthermore, OTA’s have a tendency to cross-sell your premises to other competing brands. In accordance with Mr. Galarraga, ‘A proven way for properties to improve their sales is by creating trust making use of their guests. This could be attained by having a person friendly website, transparent pricing and personalized booking engine to mention several examples.”

Update from Tax & Duty Free committee:

Ms. Zulaika Lasten provided an update on the introduction of tax- and duty-free searching for Curacao with respect to the Tax & Duty-Free Committee. The federal government installed this committee with desire to to determine an idea and policy for tax- and duty-free shopping in Curacao. The committee was installed for half a year and was a collaboration of public and private sector. October 3rd on, 2018 the federal government published a temporary ministerial regulation for tax free shopping that broadens the existing Turnover Tax exemptions to add sale of products to cruise tourists. This exemption does apply in Curacao everywhere. This will bring about an elevated spending of around $22 per cruise tourist, that is a whopping additional spending of $14.per year for Curac&#807 6 million;ao which a rise of is 29%.

Curconsult: Buying the historic center of Willemstad makes sense

Roland van den Bergh elaborated increasing of Pietermaai-district and the street towards a sustainable economic development of the historic city center of Willemstad on the island of Curaçao. In accordance with Mr van den Bergh to experience the aforementioned there are numerous conditions that require to be met. Namely the appointment of a populous city manager for a highly effective and efficient development of UNESCO-area. The introduction of a public urban development fund and a well-functioning & transparent governmental system.

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CAP: Air Service development update

Remco Ernandes, Tourism Development Manager, informed all present on expansion projects of the airport which are in the ultimate phase such as for example; the introduction of a food court, a renovated and luxurious VIP-lounge, and the refurbishment of the landing and taxi solution to name several. Furthermore, he gave an update regarding traffic distribution at the traffic and airport forecast for the upcoming year. Furthermore he also elaborated on the air service challenges that had a effect on our airport traffic within the last year.

CHATA Update

Miles Mercera (President & CEO of CHATA) and Vianny Henriquez (Marketing & Product Manager of CHATA) provided an update on the existing projects that CHATA is undertaking. Mr Mercera elaborated on advocacy initiatives like the level playing field committee that is currently awaiting the implementation of the recommendations of the committee so as to increase tax compliance of accommodations on Curaçao. CHATA happens to be in dialogue with CTB concerning the introduction of a tourism authority. Furthermore, CHATA can be in dialogue with the Minister of Justice on how best to improve Safety & Security on Curaçao and how exactly to raise the ongoing service degree of immigration. Moreover, Mr. Mercera also gave an update on tourism performance for Curacao and the Caribbean. January to October 2018 from, Curacao registered an occupancy of 75.3%, an ADR of $159.54 and a RevPar of $120.10. In comparison to 2017 that is a rise of 3.7% in occupancy, 12% in ADR and 16.3% in RevPar. From January to October 2018 when considering the Caribbean, the spot registered an occupancy of 65.5%, an ADR of $204.52 and a RevPar of $133.87. In comparison to 2017 it is a loss of 1.4% in occupancy, a rise of just one 1.4% in ADR and a loss of 0.1% in RevPar. Vianny Henriquez elaborated on the marketing activities of the association including the introduction of the attractions map of Curacao, Flavors of Curacao, upcoming CHATA events and human capital development initiatives.

As was apparent from the CHATA Membership Meeting, you may still find many opportunities to help expand capitalize on the tourism industry and grow our local economy. CHATA will continue steadily to provide its support to the national government, its membership along with other stakeholders to be able to develop our industry.

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