Indiana doctors travel to DC to study health care bill

Indiana doctors travel to DC to study health care bill

WASHINGTON (WANE) A group of Indiana doctors traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to learn about the Republican health care proposal.

The contingent was part of Indiana University’s “Business of Medicine” MBA program. Throughout the week, the doctor group planned to visit the Congressional Budget Office, the Federal Trade Commission, and health care policy groups.

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The doctors said that learning about how policy is formed will help them become a more active part of the debate.

“At least know how to address that and approach that, to make some differences, to be an advocate for my patients, my practice, my hospital, for all sorts of other aspects of health care,” said Dr. Tom Gardner, department chief of the VA’s Urology department.

President Donald Trump’s health care proposal passed the House a number of weeks ago. It’s now in the Senate, which is working on changes.