Introducing Vacaya – A new player in LGBT travel

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Created by award-winning tourism and travel executives with nearly 100 years of combined experience in entertainment, hospitality, and travel, Vacaya offers LGBT+ travelers a new choice – one with an unprecedented and maniacal guest focus, perfectly tailored to the needs and desires of the LGBT+ community.

“We’re rewriting the playbook,” proclaims Vacaya CEO Randle Roper. “With only a few notable exceptions, options for our community have been severely limited. Now, LGBT+ travelers have a rock solid new choice. They’ve waited a long time for a guest-focused company like VACAYA to come along, and we can’t wait to share all we have in store!”

Vacaya will be the first large-scale full-ship/full-resort LGBT+ vacation company to:

  • Offer a full-resort takeover from The Leading Hotels of the World’s UNICO Riviera Maya.
  • Offer included perks like spa treatments, excursions, and more at UNICO.
  • Sail the largest ship in history into Provincetown Carnival.
  • Sail on Celebrity Summit following her multi-million-dollar refresh.
  • Offer guests opportunities to give back to the communities they visit.
  • Offer online booking 24/7/365.

Vacaya CMO Patrick Gunn adds, Vacaya is about exploring new destinations, building lifelong memories, and giving back to the communities we visit. This spirit is captured perfectly in our tagline: open sea. open mind.”

Vacaya’s inaugural season offers a distinguished variety of vacation options, made possible by a legacy of experience and unrivaled relationships Vacaya’s founders have built through the years:

  • Vacaya PTOWN Cruise on Celebrity Summit: Sailing August 11-18, 2019 from New York (Port Liberty) on Celebrity Summit, this 7-night cruise will not only make history by being the largest all-gay cruise to ever sail to Ptown Carnival, but it’s also the largest ship – gay or straight – to ever overnight in Provincetown.
  • Vacaya Mexico Resort: Vacaya reinvents the all-inclusive resort experience with the 5-star UNICO Riviera Maya, offering a level of luxury and inclusions unmatched by other options available to travelers. The entire resort belongs to Vacaya over Halloween and Day of the Dead, October 27 – November 2, 2019.
  • Vacaya European River Cruises: Celebrate the holidays as Vacaya explores the Christmas Markets of Europe from Amsterdam to Budapest aboard the luxurious Emerald Star-Ship. 7- and 14-night options begin December 5, 2019.