Iran harbouring 160 Bahraini fugitives

Iran harbouring 160 Bahraini fugitives

Trump’s tough stance on Iran will end its political privileges that it has exploited for years, says minister

Manama: Iran is harbouring 160 fugitives wanted by Bahrain for carrying out acts of terror targeting security and stability, the kingdom’s interior minister has said.

At least 25 police officers have been killed in the terrorist acts while up to 3,000 have been wounded, Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa told Saudi daily Asharq Al Awsat.

“There is a direct link between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and terrorist acts in Bahrain,” he said.

“Intelligence revealed that the IRGC had trained terrorist elements in its camps to make explosive devices, use automatic weapons and hand grenades, and contribute to smuggling them into Bahrain. They also provided support and funds and trained, formed and recruited terrorist groups targeting the security of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, including the so-called terrorist organisation Saraya Al Ashtar. “

Some of the arrested suspects confessed they had received weapons training from the IRGC.

More than 24 kilogrammes of explosive material has been seized by authorities, Shaikh Rashid said.

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Iran has released 254 “hostile” statements against Bahrain since 2011, he added.

Bahrain has repeatedly warned of the seriousness of Iran’s blatant interference in the internal security of the kingdom and the region through supporting extremist and sectarian cells and organisations.

“Iran’s dangerous interference focuses on the export of intellectual and sectarian extremism, which calls for intensifying regional and international efforts to address all areas of terrorism, particularly combating Iran’s funding of extremist militias and supplying them with weapons.”

Shaikh Rashid told the daily that strategy announced by US President Donald Trump against Iran has put an end to the political privileges that have been exploited by Tehran to interfere in the internal affairs of countries and to continue exporting its terrorist activities through its various branches, including the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

“This strategy undoubtedly leads to the establishment of international peace and security in general and the protection of the security of the Gulf region in particular.

Bahrain supports regional and international efforts, particularly the US position, which contributes to reinforcing the fight against terrorism, its extremist ideological and sectarian motives and its funding.

The minister also praised the US stance in tackling the flow of explosives into Bahrain.