Israel releases VIDEO claiming to show Iranians prepping 'killer drone'

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Published time: 25 Aug, 2019 19:54

Israeli defense forces have released footage claiming to show Iranian forces in Syria preparing to launch “killer” drones against the Jewish state. The IDF hit targets near Damascus overnight, saying this prevented such an attack.

The black and grey blurred video shows four figures carrying something. The IDF claims the video was filmed as Iranian Quds operatives were preparing to launch drones filled with explosives on Thursday.
“IDF intelligence can now release the surveillance footage of Iranian Quds Force operatives in Syria carrying a killer drone that they intended to use for an attack on Israel,” the military tweeted. “How do you foil an attack of killer drones? Killer intel.”

Israel launched an attack on alleged Quds facilities outside Damascus on Saturday close to midnight. Syria said its air defenses had destroyed most of the “hostile targets.” Damascus didn’t comment on any damage, but the IDF spokesperson said this was considerable.

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On Sunday a top Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander denied Israeli claims that Iranian targets had been hit. Later in the day Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah claimed the Israeli strike hit a home and killed two of the organization’s fighters.

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