Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket attack

, Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket attack, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

Breaking Alternative News:

The Israeli Air Force has struck an ‘underground terrorist network’ in Gaza after the country’s Iron Dome air defense system shot down a projectile fired from the Palestinian enclave into Israeli territory.

“IDF combat jets attacked an underground terrorist network at a military compound of the Hamas terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip,” the military confirmed on Twitter, reiterating the it will act decisively against any attempts to harm Israeli citizens.

The air raid was carried out in response to a rocket fire from the Strip on late Wednesday evening. That projectile was intercepted by the Iron Dome system and caused no physical injuries or damages. Shortly before that, Israel imposed a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip citing a barrage of incendiary balloons from the coastal enclave as a pretext.


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