It's safe to travel to Sri Lanka: Envoy

It's safe to travel to Sri Lanka: Envoy

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Abu Dhabi: People travelling to Sri Lanka do not need to worry about the state of emergency declared in the island nation, according to a top Sri Lankan diplomat.

“The emergency declaration is just a preventive step taken by the government. It is a measure to prevent the violence from spreading to other parts of the country , which is otherwise  limited to some villages in Kandy district,,” Sulaiman J Mohideen, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the UAE, told Gulf News on Tuesday.

The situation in capital Colombo and all other cities are normal. “The cricket match between India and Sri Lanka at Colombo is going on as scheduled today. This shows everything is OK there,” the envoy explained.

He said the government has not issued any official travel advisory. It is absolutely safe for people to travel to all places except Kandy.

Emergency means a new set of laws come into effect, which enables the government to control the situation. “Our country had been under emergency for many years together in the past. It is just a preventive measure. Everything will be OK within a few days,” Mohideen said.


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