Jumping sinking ship or saving seat in Congress? Anti-impeachment Democrat Van Drew may go GOP

, Jumping sinking ship or saving seat in Congress? Anti-impeachment Democrat Van Drew may go GOP, TravelWireNews | World News

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ), vocally opposed to President Donald Trump’s impeachment, is reportedly planning to switch parties. While many rejoiced at his ‘brave’ move, others called him a ‘traitor’ desperate to save his seat.

While the House is preparing to vote for the impeachment next week, Van Drew, one of the two Democrats who rejected the process, met with Trump on Friday, several news outlet reported citing sources.

Van Drew explained in earlier interviews that he went against the party because he believed it was up for Americans to decide Trump’s fate next November and said he would not vote for impeachment unless something rises “to the level of treason.”

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Democrats are accusing the President of putting pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to launch an anti-corruption investigation into the activities of Joe Biden’s son. The weeks of hearings turned into a parade of witnesses recounting speculations and opinions, which Democrats believe to have proved that Trump abused power and obstructed justice.

The news of Van Drew leaving the party were met with glee from Republican supporters on Saturday.

Democrats explained his move by the polls showing dwindling support in his district and because he’s “traitor” and an awful person.

Van Drew was one of the star lawmakers that flipped a Republican district that voted for Trump during 2018 elections that led to Democratic majority in the House. His opposition to impeachment is unlikely to change the outcome of the vote scheduled for next week.

The impeachment process in highly unlikely to pass a Republican Senate anyway – although the #Resistance keeps hopes up that there might be enough Republicans secretly hating Trump who will vote against the party line. But that would make them ‘traitors’ and ‘awful people’ too, right?

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