Kenya: Jambojet to Charge Clients for 'Additional Benefits'

Kenya: Jambojet to Charge Clients for 'Additional Benefits'

Passengers travelling on low- cost airline Jambojet will pay an additional Sh1,730 to access a package of additional benefits that will include checked in luggage, preferred seat selection and change of travel date.

The new fare structure, dubbed Smart Fare, allows passengers to buy the additional benefits on the no-frills flights as a package rather than as separate items.

The no-frills model operated by the airline means that passengers have to pay additional fee to select a seat, for extra legroom, check-in baggage as well as flight change.

This means Jambojet will have three payment models which include the package, the basic fare and the one with additional benefits paid separately over the no frills flight charge.

“As part of reinforcing our commitment to strengthen our customer experience, Smart Fare is designed to offer simple, flexible and affordable choices and ensures a seamless and hassle free travel experience,” said Jambojet managing director and CEO Willem Hondius.

Under the no frills fare model, a return flight to Mombasa booked today for May 18 will cost Sh5, 200, and passengers add between Sh410 and Sh580 for extra leg room and picking preferred seat.

For the check in luggage a 15kg bag about Sh500 and attracts addition charges as the weight scales up.

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