Korean superstars BTS are in New Zealand, seemingly filming a travel show

K-pop superstars BTS are in New Zealand, and appear to be here filming a new season of their travel programme.

The seven-piece boy band has been posting from New Zealand in recent days. In some posts, fans have noticed band members appear to be wearing microphones.

The band has filmed three seasons of travel programme Bon Voyage, which was available to stream on the South Korean site V Live. Their recent posts have been taken as confirmation of a fourth season. 

, Korean superstars BTS are in New Zealand, seemingly filming a travel show, WorldNews | Travel Wire News


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The K-pop boyband BTS are in New Zealand.

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys and the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, have been releasing music since 2013. Originally from Seoul, the hip hop group has an international fan base which is millions-strong.

The group toured Europe and the Americas earlier this year, before taking a break in July. Their tour would resume in October, with shows planned for Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

The band appeared to be in the South Island and posted on Saturday from the office of a scenic glider flights operator.

During previous seasons of BTS’ Bon Voyage, the band had visited Europe, Hawaii, Malta and the US.