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Ladies here's your ultimate travel guide for solo travel

Travelling solo is amazing. Though a bit tiring, tough, exhausting, but absolutely brilliant! Even if you are a single woman, you can travel across the globe and have a great time. But yes, since you are on your own, it is always better to take few precautions. Here are some tips which will serve as a quick and ultimate travel guide for your solo travel.

1. Choose the right destination
When travelling solo, it is important that you choose a proper destination. Don’t opt for places which are in the news for all the wrong reasons, like high crime rate against women and children. Opt for safer destinations where you will feel safe even when you are alone.

2. Select the right time to travel
Since you are travelling alone, it is better to avoid travelling at odd hours. Like, try taking a flight that arrives at your destination during the daytime. If your flight is arriving at odd hours, then make sure that you have a reliable local contact who will pick you up.

3. Chalk out your travel plans
Decide in advance how you will travel around- whether you will take the public transport, or you will hire a vehicle. 

Whether you hire a private vehicle or a cab, never allow the driver’s friends or any other unknown person inside the vehicle. Be very firm on this.

4. Pack self defence stuff
Always carry few things which will come handy if you do end up in an uncomfortable situation. You can have pepper sprays or maybe a pocket knife to help you in such times.

5. Carry a spare phone
Even if you are travelling abroad, make sure that you buy a local sim and put it in your spare phone. It is always a good idea to carry a spare phone with you just in case the battery of your smartphone drains out.

6. Keep all the emergency numbers with you
Carry all the local emergency numbers like- local police or help centres. Also, make sure that you have the number and the address of the hotel where you are staying.

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7. Carry multiple copies of your travel documents
Make multiple copies of your travel documents and keep one set in your hand baggage, and one set in your luggage. So, even if you lose the original documents, having photocopies of the same will make the further process hassle-free and fast.  

8. Beware of strangers
Travelling solo means getting to know new people and making new friends. But be careful not to get over friendly. Maintain a safe distance to avoid any unpleasant situations.

9. Take care of your health
Since you are travelling alone, make sure that you are in the best of your health. Carry all the medicines that you will need. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, then make sure that you have an emergency backup plan ready.

10. Buy a travel insurance to manage unforeseen circumstances
There will be times when the connecting flight can get cancelled at the last minute or due to an emergency back home you need to come back early. For all this, you will need to make new bookings which can be expensive. 

Also, last minute cancellations or loss of baggage or sudden illness etc. can result in heavy expenses. Hence, its always a good idea to purchase online overseas travel insurance before you commence your solo trip. This insurance will help you in situations like:

• Medical emergency
• Loss or theft of baggage
• Flight cancellations
• Emergency hotel extension
• Emergency evacuations etc

You can easily buy online overseas travel insurance from the comfort of your couch. Just choose the right online overseas travel insurance for your solo trip and hit the buy button. It’s that easy!

So, take these few measures, and have a wonderful time travelling alone.