Larnaka Cyprus: Top European airport

Larnaka Cyprus: Top European airport

Larnaka International Airport in Cyprus has remained third among the European airports with passenger traffic of 5 to 10 million per year, which had the largest increase in passenger traffic since March.

According to ACI Europe (press release attached), in the first half of the year, Larnaka International Airport managed to maintain its third place on the passenger traffic increase chart since last March, among all international airports in Europe, in the category of 5 to 10 million passengers per year. Larnaka airport ranked third, with an increase of 22.7 percent or 571,926 additional passengers, preceded by Keflavik International Airport (Iceland), with 39.7 percent and Kiev International Airport (Ukraine) which occupies the second place with an increase in passenger traffic of 29.4 percent.

In the group of airports with 5 to 10 million passengers per year, Larnaka continued to be the first among all the international airports of the European Union member states that had achieved the biggest increase in passenger traffic.

Maria Kouroupi, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for Hermes Airports said that “the maintenance of Larnaka Airport on the ACI ranking alongside Europe’s top airports confirms once more our successful course and the steady increase in passenger traffic.”

“Our hard work, planning, and persistence appear to paying off, since by the end of the year, we expect to surpass seven and a half million passengers in Larnaka alone,” Kouroupi added.

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