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Less propaganda, more emojis: Young media stars gather in Russia to generate new future for journalism

Over 400 reporters, photographers, and bloggers from 35 countries found the Hermitage in St. Petersburg to showcase the nice journalism can perform against a background of growing weaponization of the media around the world.

“The journalists were wanted by us from the many countries never to discuss one another, but to speak to one another directly,” Natalya Podlyzhnyak, among the organizers of the 13th edition of the annual Dialogue of Cultures forum, told RT. “In fact it is for this reason background of hostility exactly, tendentiousness and subjectivity that people utilize the Hermitage because the site – a accepted place where in fact the world cultures are represented within their variety, but their unity also.”


Over three days last, amid the opulent surroundings of that which was the residence of the Russian Tsars once, huddles of media figures darted between exhibitions, master-classes and lectures distributed by established professionals.

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Among the highlights: a documentary by Norwegian filmmaker Kyrre Lien, who has spent days gone by three years looking to get touching “internet warriors” – those in charge of probably the most voluminous, aggressive, and passionate comments online – every day screaming in to the virtual void to know very well what motivates visitors to spend hours. A US trucker, a disabled Brit, a Lebanese refugee are some who decided to meet him offline just, no separated by the safety of the screen longer.

In a heartbreaking photo project Egyptian photo journalist Roger Anis took pictures of closets filled with colorful unworn dresses owned by local women, who dream but usually do not dare to surface in them in public areas.

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“This is a true story about nearly every Egyptian girl or women I understand that you’ll always find something in her closet that she never wears or wore it once rather than did again because what she faced in the pub and even among her very own friends and family,” he explained. “If you discover a society where people cannot wear what they need I believe they also cannot talk and consider all what they need or usually do not want.”

Others were less political but additionally tried to discover a shared humanity explicitly. World Press Award-winning photographer Andrew McConnell traveled to the area port of Baikonur in the Kazakh steppes for 3 years, to photograph tribal herdsmen living nearby to rockets launching into orbit, to document the attention-filled days of the cosmonauts, and the routine existence of the a large number of tech engineers, employed in harsh conditions. Scotland’s flame-haired Kieran Dodds took portraits of ginger people in his homeland, and the ones in Russia, seeing whether their geographical or physical identities dominated. And a three-man Indian documentary team sought out old Soviet children’s books translated into Hindi if they were growing up themselves, but forgotten now, and digitized them in a bid to revive waning cultural ties between your two major powers.

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Although visual stories are a clear meeting point for multi-lingual forums like this one, Podlyzhnyak believes that journalism can form most as a visual medium &ndash still; as since it has something to state long.

“A fresh language is developing that explains the global world through visualization. Stories without voiceovers, stories told through emoji, month and whatever other format can look next, it really is impossible to guess. It is a new international language,” she tells RT. “However the important things remains the depth behind the image. It’s not about pressing the button, and uploading the pic, but seeing and speaking with people behind all of the national government policies, sanctions and restrictions.”

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