Lighting up Wuhan

Lighting up Wuhan

The festival opened with a drone matrix performing in the air and fireworks that drew more than 38,000 visitors. A dragon lantern stretching nearly 200 metres is the highlight and is surrounded by 51 other huge lanterns that turn the whole park into a wonderland.

The lanterns are spread over six zones inspired by traditional Chinese culture. At the gate, revolving palace lanterns, large and small, send out New Year blessings and the Tower of Long Days boasts a 22.5-meter-high lantern stacked into the clouds. Lions on four sides weighing 15 tonnes are full of arrogance and expected to set a Guinness world record for the highest festive lantern on the planet.

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Also on view are smaller lanterns featuring Peking Opera figures and antique vases as well as a dozen dog-shaped lanterns spread over the park to bring best wishes to children for the Lunar Year of the Dog.

Designed to promote traditional Chinese poetry and local culture, the poems and Chinese characters are cleverly planted in every lantern. This year, visitors can enjoy a water curtain laser show and three-dimensional projection enriched the experiences, while robot tour guides standby to answer questions patiently and nicely.

There’s also a Taiwan food carnival to spice up the atmosphere, with over 50 stalls serving 110 different snacks from the island.

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