, Lloyd Williams Cup contender hits travel snag, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

Lloyd Williams Cup contender hits travel snag

Horses can be fickle creatures. Some are robust and hardy and travel never bothers them. In fact, many trainers regard a trip away as an essential part of a young horse’s education, arguing it can bring them on in leaps and bounds as it helps them mature quickly.

Others are fretful and are worriers. Leaving the familiar confines of their stable can make them tense and put them off their game.

Such horses invariably have a travelling companion to stop them worrying too much. Often they travel with a sheep or goat, sometimes even a dog: in many cases, they find comfort in being accompanied by one of their own kind, a stable companion who helps them cope with the stresses of being outside their comfort zone.

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, Lloyd Williams Cup contender hits travel snag, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

One of Lloyd Williams’ spring hopefuls has run into travel problems.

Photo: Justin McManus

It’s hard enough to get a horse fit, firing and ready to run for its life on the first Tuesday in November in the Melbourne Cup without worrying about the added complication of a travelling companion.

But that is what is, at the moment, affecting plans that multiple Melbourne Cup-winning owner Lloyd Williams has to run his top European three-year-old, Latrobe, trained by Joseph O’Brien, in this year’s Cup.