Looking for Luxury? Head to Greece in 2019

, Looking for Luxury? Head to Greece in 2019, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire

It seems that there’s just no stopping the Greek islands when it comes to their reputation for luxury. Once a well-kept secret, the eccentric charms and unique beauty afforded by the numerous islands are soaring in popularity with the rich and famous, and anyone else who is searching for their own private paradise. Why has Greece experienced such as resurgence as a vacation destination in recent years? The crystal blue seas and sunny shores play their part, of course, but it could be the fact that it offers something for every type of vacation from a romantic getaway, a fun-packed family break, a rejuvenating retreat or even an exuberant celebration.

A Country of Beauty, Diversity, and Activity

There are only a few countries where you’ll find such a vast and changing landscape with the modern comforts of a luxury vacation. From picture-perfect beaches to impressive mountains, lush forests and serene lakes, the natural beauty of Greece is as diverse as it is stunning.

In addition to the shopping in the cosmopolitan cities, relaxing on the golden beaches, horseback riding in the countryside and soaking up the unique history of a country steeped in myth and ancient history, you can also head up to the snow-capped mountains for a bit of skiing or snowmobile driving. Prefer surfing, rock-climbing or exploring secluded coves or underwater caves? You can do that in Greece too!

The Last Word in Luxury Accommodation

The exquisite standard of hotels and villas in Greece means that you don’t have to step far from your accommodation to drink in the breath-taking scenery Greece has to offer. The best of the best ensure you can enjoy their luxurious facilities with a movie-worthy horizon in the view from your hot tub, massage bed or candlelit meal.

For the highest levels of indulgence, book your stay with Loyal Villas Luxury and take advantage of a range of excellent concierge services such as a professional chef to prepare your meals, a butler to take on the organization of your excursions and activities, personal massages and beauty treatments at your villa or even a once in a lifetime sea voyage on a luxury yacht.

World-class Fine Dining

Mediterranean cuisine is internationally renowned as one of the freshest, healthiest and delicious on the planet. You’ll enjoy the most exceptional quality, locally sourced ingredients including seafood, seasonal vegetables, and famous Greek wine. Whether you choose to dine at one of the many five-star restaurants or to enjoy a hearty meal at local family café, your sure to find your new favorite dish.

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Adventurous Nightlife

The nightlife in Greece draws people from all over the globe searching for that something different. Creatively designed cafés and bars combine scenic views and a welcoming atmosphere with unique cocktails, local liqueurs, and rare malt whiskeys. From vibrant party islands like Mykonos or Ios to the buzzing cities of Athens or Thessaloniki, a night out (or five) in Greece will be one to remember.

If You’ve Got Any Time to Spare

It would be a sin to write about Greece as a vacation destination and not mention its rich wealth of history and heritage. Take some time at the Acropolis in Athens and its museum, the archaeological site of Delphi, the Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the mythical Palace of Knossos or the medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

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