Luminous blue Air raises Bucharest – Ancient rome support in s17

Romanian provider Blue Air in the start of summer 2017 span intends to raise Bucharest – Rome Fiumcino procedure, using the inclusion of 3 rd day-to-day flight. Through 26MAR17, the fresh flight functions throughout midday from Bucharest by 737500 plane.

0B1015 OTP0630 – 0745FCO 735 D
0B1115 OTP1200 – 1315FCO 735 D
0B1215 OTP1650 – 1805FCO 734 D

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0B1016 FCO0855 – 1210OTP 735 D
0B1116 FCO1415 – 1730OTP 735 D
0B1216 FCO1910 – 2225OTP 734 G

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