Major Sports Tourism Seminar / Workshop scheduled for tomorrow at Pegasus

Major Sports Tourism Seminar / Workshop scheduled for tomorrow at Pegasus

The development of Sports Tourism in Guyana is high on the agenda of the Department of

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Donald Sinclair – Director General of Tourism

Tourism in the Ministry of Business. Globally, sporting events are driving tourism business as governments recognise the economic benefit of hosting international sports and are seeking to maximise the return on their investments in sports stadiums, tournament venues, track and field facilities, sporting arenas and other facilities.
In this regard the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Business has identified the development of a Sports Tourism Policy as one of its objectives for 2017.The theme for the event is: Improving sports through tourism; growing tourism through Sports.
The Sports Tourism Seminar/Workshop seeks to bring together all Sporting Associations, business and tourism entities, Regional Sports administrators, and the Diplomatic community in a constructive conversation aimed at identifying the Lines of Action needed in Guyana for a successful sports Tourism industry.
From cricket and football to golf and athletics, from motor-racing and swimming to horse-racing and basketball, Guyana offers Sports Tourism opportunities that have so far been barely tapped; Hence the need for such a Seminar/Workshop.
The keynote address will be given by Sports Consultant Mr. Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira, while Mr. Dave Martins will chair the Opening Session. Participants will include personnel from the Department of Tourism, the Guyana Tourism Authority, the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, GO-Invest, the University of Guyana, the National Sports Commission, the Guyana Olympic Association, members of the Media, the Diplomatic community in Guyana as well as other celebrated figures in the domain of business and tourism.
Vice President and Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnarine will give the Opening Remarks. Registration is from 8.30 am and the event starts at 9.00 am sharp in the Savannah Suite of the Pegasus Hotel.

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