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Malawi Govt on online connections improvement to boast tourism

By Alick Junior Sichali

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi government through the ministry of trade and tourism in collaboration with the ministry of information says they’re working together to solve the issues of online connections concerning improve tourism industry.

Minister of industry, tourism and trade, Henry Mussa, on Saturday at the 2018 Blantyre tourism street carnival made the remarks.

The remarks by the minister follow concerns from tourist in the united kingdom saying the united states doesn’t have good internet connectivity.

on Saturday

But, Mussa said government knows the issue and assured Malawians that they can soon start experiencing good internet connectivity.

“We alert to the nagging issue of online connections that on several occasion’ s those who have visited the national country have already been complaining of, as government we have been focusing on that and folks begins enjoying good internet soon,” Mussa said.

The minister cited the fiber project as you way government has embarked to improve online connections in the united kingdom.

He said the fiber project that is expected to be achieved in every districts of the united states once completed the problem of poor web connection is a history.

“As you aware that the ministry of information embarked on the fiber project, that project is likely to get into phase two where it shall cover all of the districts. When it’s been completed the presssing issues of poor online connections is a history,” explained Mussa.

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According to the minister government is focusing on strategies on what best people might have a straightforward access of places they would like to visit on the phones and computers.

Mussa said consistent with this year’month theme &lsquo s national tourism;Tourism and the Digital Transformation’ you will find a need of individuals in order to book places utilizing their phones and computers hence the necessity of good web connection.

On the proper section of the main sponsor of the function Malawi Gaming Board, Davie Saeluzika, said they sponsored the function knowing the significance of tourism sector to the country’s economy.

Saeluzika urged Malawians to function as first to patronize such events and in addition visit different beautiful places of the united states.

“Malawi Gaming Board is very happy to be connected with this great event, as Malawians lets function as first to take part in these events  also to function as first ones to go to different beautiful places of the united states ‘Tidziyamba ndife a Malawi,” Saeluzika said.

Each year on 27 September is world tourism day but Malawi designated the complete month of September because the national tourism month.

month was launched&nbsp

The 2018 national tourism; 4thSeptember at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.