Man has heart attack at Dubai International Airport

Man has heart attack at Dubai International Airport

Dubai: Paramedics at Dubai International Airport were able to revive a passenger who suffered a cardiac arrest, fell into a coma and lost his pulse.

A senior official at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Service (DCAS) said that the recent incident led paramedics to jolt the Filipino man three times with a heart defibrillator.

Ali Moosa Al Hafizi, head of DCAS for airports and ports, said: “Paramedics first searched for the passenger’s medical history, and they found that he suffered from a number of heart problems and had been prescribed with medication.”

In a statement, Al Hafizi explained that a team of paramedics rushed to the scene within four minutes, and found the passenger lying unconscious in the airport.

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“After discovering the victim’s medical history, paramedics immediately used a defibrillator to the man’s heart while monitoring his respiration, in addition to using an oxygen mask,” he said.

“The victim had already fallen into a coma and lost his pulse,” said Al Hafizi.

The team of paramedics then turned to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as well as jolting the man with two more electric shots to the heart.   

“By the third electric shock and the fourth CPR, paramedics were able to remove the obstruction from the patient‘s air passage, and miraculously, the man was returned back to life,” he said.

The Filipino patient was quickly transferred to the airport clinic, accompanied by the clinic doctor. He was then transferred to hospital for further treatment.