Man hugs woman, abuses her verbally in elevator

Man hugs woman, abuses her verbally in elevator

Defence lawyer says woman waived her complaint as she had been incited by someone to complain maliciously

Dubai: An employee has been accused of molesting a drunken woman in an elevator and abusing her verbally when he told her that she needs two men to please her in bed.

The 30-year-old Egyptian employee was said to have walked into the elevator behind the Canadian woman in the building where she lives in Al Barsha in May.

The woman pressed the button to go to 62nd floor and the Egyptian for 64th floor, according to records, before he talked to her and molested her.

The Egyptian was also believed to have used abusive language when he told the woman that she has a huge figure that requires two men to please her.

The woman reported the matter to the police and the suspect was found entering the building three days later. When he was asked about the woman’s molestation claims, the Egyptian said and that the woman was his friend he used to chat with her on WhatsApp.

When he failed to provide the woman’s contact details to the investigating policeman and to show him the WhatsApp conversation, he was taken into custody.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of molesting the woman and abusing her verbally.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and firmly refuted the accusations before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

“That did not happen … I did not say anything to her,” the suspect told presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the suspect hugged the woman against her will and molested her. He was also accused of breaching her modesty verbally by telling her that she needed two men to please her.

The suspect’s lawyer argued before the court that his client did not molest or abuse the Canadian woman.

“When they met in the lift, she greeted him and hugged him. He did not molest her or abuse her verbally. She was incited by one of the building’s managers to lodge this malicious complaint because that manager had a previous dispute with the suspect. That person [manager] told the Canadian woman that my client had earlier molested a female resident … and that my client might molest her as well. He persuaded her to file a complain that she was under the risk of being molested.

“The woman waived her complaint and wrote a clear confession that she had been encouraged by the manager to lodge a complaint against my client. We have provided a copy of her waiver and the written confession to the court in which she said that my client did not molest or abuse her verbally,” the lawyer argued.

The lawyer further contended before presiding judge Al Shamsi that the Canadian woman was tried for consuming alcohol.

“The claimant herself was drunk at the time when she alleged to have been molested … the defence asks the court to dismiss her claims against my client. I ask the court to acquit the suspect or summon the woman to hear her statement,” argued the lawyer.

The woman testified to prosecutors that the suspect pretended to have been depressed and started to talk with her before he molested her.

“He seemed drunk and pretended to be sad … he claimed that he needed someone to hug him. When I patted his shoulder, he hugged and molested me. He also told me I had a huge figure and that I needed two men to please me in bed,” she told prosecutors.

The trial continues.